Flora CBD is aimed at a professional clientele. Trust Flora, a quality supplier for wholesale CBD in Europe

Flora CBD, CBD expert in wholesale CBD Europe and overseas

Created in May 2018, the Flora CBD company is one of the first to have emerged in Europe. Our expertise and know-how brings us today to the rank of major player in the French and european CBD.

If we had to summarize our society, its definition would be without hesitation; a trusted company. We sell CBD everywhere in Europe and our high quality products are recognized by our customers (individuals and professionals). The advantage being that the company is on a human scale. We can therefore adapt to the vast majority of requests that are made to us and above all to create a real link with our customers.

We offer an entire line of CBD products: Broad and full spectrum oils and capsules, hemp flower and solid CBD and other cannabidiol-derived edibles. Aimed at professionals, we are the leading supplier of CBD in Europe. All our products containing CBD hemp comply with European legislation and contain less than 0.2% THC.

Based in France, we are a wholesale CBD Europe specialist.


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Open a CBD shop in Europe

Cannabidiol CBD has known a certain interest in Europe for a few years and this craze should last according to the world perspectives on the CBD market. However, opening a CBD shop today requires some effort.

Depending on your needs, you will certainly carry out a CBD market study in Europe. Then find a business name and decide whether you prefer to open a physical CBD store or an online store. Once your company is created, you will quickly need a CBD supplier, and it is on this part that Flora can help you! I let you discover why the fine flower Flora will meet your expectations

Choose Flora, wholesale CBD supplier in Europe

For a professional, choosing Flora means making quality CBD available to your customers, certified ORGANIC for most products. It means benefiting from a wide choice of products, whether for oils and capsules Also all the ranges of organic hemp infusions or CBD flowers.

Buying CBD in Europe is now commonplace and there are many shops. In order to stand out from the competition, it is important to market only high quality products from a recognized and reputable brand.

Many professionals already trust us for their B2B CBD purchases and have seen their sales soar thanks to the quality selection of Flora products.

Are you looking for a REAL wholesale CBD in Europe? Welcome to Flora, the fine flower of CBD.

Certified company and verified customer reviews

If there's one piece of advice we can give you, it's to double-check who you buy your products from. If you import from a country outside the European Union, you must declare and clear your products. Some unscrupulous wholesalers will tell you to pick up the products and bring them back to your store without declaring them to customs. These methods are completely illegal and risky.

The big advantage of buying products from an existing company is that you benefit from the brand image and reputation of these products. For example, our CBD flowers are very well referenced on google. Products such as La belle Osyris or La Perle de Nora enjoy a very good reputation at the national level. Indeed, you can take a look at our public site to access the opinions that our customers may have left. This will give you an idea of ​​the seriousness and quality of our company and surely reassure you on the way!

Ask for our professional price catalog and register on our pro site without delay to add our varieties to your product range.


Today, if you want people to talk about you, your communication must go through the internet. In this area, Google rules and the second Google page is viewed up to 100 times less than the first.

By choosing to sell Flora brand products in your CBD store, you ensure a place of choice on the most famous search engine in the world. This is valid for the products, but also for your brand. Indeed, our company appears in first position in Google on a large majority of cities in Europe and many customers ask us every day for the address of our shop in such and such a place! Your CBD shop could therefore be referenced on this page and thus bring you many customers without you having to lift a finger…

Wholesale CBD Europe but at what price?

Our range of professional prices as well as our catalog are sent to professional customers on request. To do this, you must have a valid Siret number and explain your project to us in a few words.

For businesses creating our CBD supplier offer, you can contact us directly by email. Our CBD wholesaler service for professionals will give you an answer within 48 hours maximum.

Don't wait any longer to request a catalog on our professional bulk prices and get your CBD shop off the ground!

We do offer branded products and also white label in case you need.

All our CBD products in your store

The major advantage of choosing Flora as your CBD supplier is the great diversity of the range offered. Indeed, in comparison with some of our competitors, who will only offer hemp flowers and/or CBD oil. Our online store offers a large number of cannabidiol-based products, infusions, e-liquids, food products such as honey or chocolate and candies, all these derivatives will make the customer who walks through the door of your store, will find his happiness for sure!

We suggest that you add POS (Point of Sale Advertising) to your order free of charge. This allows you to communicate directly to passers-by that you are offering CBD for sale. It is also possible on simple request to be referenced on our website.

Huile Chanvre CBG

🌿 Une huile riche en CBG🌿 Retours d'expérience positifs🌿 Basée sur un spectre complet🌿 Fiole de 10ml

Tisane CBD sommeil – LES BRAS DE MORPHÉE

icone france Made in FrancePlante icone 22% de ChanvreIcône médaille Meilleure vente infusion chez Flora CBDicone sachet Sachet de 25g et 40gIcone plante Produit naturel

Delivery times in your store

We are a French company and all our parcels leave from Europe, from Haute-Savoie France more precisely, at the foot of Mont-Blanc. Your order will be dispatched the same day if you order before 1:00 p.m. You will have the choice between sending by Colissimo or by Chronopost and the deadlines are 24 hours to 3 working days on average.

Each order is carefully prepared and accompanied by your purchase invoice as well as the analyzes of our hemp flowers, for optimal traceability of the products you buy. We systematically carry out counter-analysis of the flowers we receive, so you will receive original documents in order to respect the THC level corresponding to what French law authorizes.

Certificates of analysis for CBD hemp flowers

Each shipment of CBD hemp flowers is accompanied by certificates attesting to the levels of the various cannabinoids. These counter-analysis results are originals produced at the request of Flora CBD. If we are recognized as the fine flower of CBD in Europe, it is also and above all for our seriousness and the quality of our products. Most of these products come from Europe, if not from the European Union. Our CBD oils are recognized as the most effective on the French market and many customers recommend us.

You are looking for wholesale CBD Europe company ? You are at the right place, be welcome !



We send our pro catalog to anyone making the request and having a SIRET number. If your request concerns a creative project, we are open to discussing it, but no price will be communicated.